Elk Brand Manufacturing Company

Environmental Consciousness

Elk Brand, as a responsible apparel company, is in the growing ranks of garment companies taking on the "being green" movement. We are taking small and large steps to improve our actions so that it has the least deleterious impact on the earth.

We believe that Eco thinking is more than just choosing environmentally friendly materials. It involves minimizing the use of water in the laundry process. It involves reducing the use of harmful chemicals in the finishing process. It involves minimizing the packaging used to distribute our products.

Going eco-friendly is a healthy direction to go. So please join Elk Brand in the GREEN REVOLUTION by becoming a more eco and socially conscious consumer.

Organic Products

For customers that are so inclined, Elk Brand can deliver "Eco Friendly" jeans using less resource intensive processes, combined with "organic" or "recycled" denim fabrics.

Organic Denim is made from cotton grown and harvested without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, and cultivated using water conserving farming methods.

Recycled Denim is made from materials that have been reclaimed and woven into new fabrics.

Other eco-friendly materials that can be used are Hemp and Bamboo.

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